Origins of The Bradcast

While The Bradcast is a brand new networking venture for us, its roots go back 32 years. Back in 1987, our founder and President, Brad Broussard, was looking for a way to connect industry colleagues and promote networking and the Oil and Gas Industry in general.

Before there was internet Brad’s idea was to pioneer a newsletter focused on news and insights from around the Oil & Energy industry aimed at the landmen around the nation. The end product, created in Adobe/Aldus Pagemaker on Macintosh, was a quarterly newsletter called “Landman’s Lagniappe”. This pioneering newsletter (see article title photos for the original Landman’s Lagniappe) ultimately represented Brad’s marketing ingenuity and ability to keep his fingers on the pulse of the industry. “Landman’s Lagniappe” now proudly decorates our conference room and serves as a reminder of BBLS’ ability to stay on the forefront of industry trends and new technologies, but in a far less metaphoric sense it also served as a catalyst for the creation of The Bradcast.

This time around, the Bradcast is a collaborative effort of a group of talented and creative individuals within BBLS, however, the mission remains the same; to bring you relevant and insightful content from across the industry, share tips and expert advice on valuable industry resources, and of course news and announcements from BBLS and all of our subsidiaries. Thank you for reading, and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe.

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