Petro Data Miner Introduction

Welcome to Petro Data Miner! Our latest data solutions venture focused on effective, expedient, and expense conscious well and production data research with a goal of helping you find the best value acquisitions. At Petro Data Miner (PDM), our mission is to meet and exceed all of your exploratory research needs and to minimize your expenses and time investment by doing the most arduous parts of that research for you. In the end we provide you with our unique and 100% tailored to your needs PDM Reports. We guarantee that each and every one of the reports is built on actionable and valuable information which can aid you in making sound exploratory and acquisition decisions.

We began PDM development a few years ago, spending time to perfect and developed proprietary tools which allow us to cut down on research time and maximize the actionability of the information displayed in our reports. We have continued to perfect these tools over the past several months and the result is that our current turnaround on almost any type of report is within 1 work day. For comparison purposes, when we started it took 3-4 days to complete a single report. Furthermore, we have greatly improved our data processing capabilities and can now create reports based on any combination of data categories our clients may request.

Our reach has greatly extended as well. While at the start of this journey we focused our efforts only on Texas and Louisiana data, we can now generate reports from the most up-to-date data from eighteen states across the continental United States (see the Operational Reach Map for details, included for download at the end of the article), with that number growing each month.

One of the defining features of Petro Data Miner is the number of key search categories our clients can choose from to formulate their report parameters. We currently have over 60 categories from which to choose, which gives our clients nearly limitless report customization options (See Search Categories listing for the complete list, included for download at the of the article). The interesting thing is that we actually started with a much larger number of categories but as we progressed through development and testing, we learned that sometimes less is more. Our partners’ and clients’ feedback led us to a much finer understanding of how to fine tune the reports to their needs as we opted for quality reports, but with an ability to deliver those reports in quantity.

Petro Data Miner is more than just about saving you money and time. We also take great pride in the efficiency of our operational processes and accuracy of our data. We data mine various commercial and state O&G databases to deliver an unmatched wealth of data options, but we also ensure that for each state we have at least 2-3 sources which allows us to cross-reference all of our data in its raw state, before delivering the final version to our clients.

We are spearheading on-demand Oil & Gas data mining, processing, and analysis by adding new types of reports, and developing new add-ons for current types of reports. Our first report add-ons were well location maps. We started with aerial layer maps which showed the exact location of wellheads but since than we have added several new layers and have increased the options of what can be shown on the maps. Furthermore, as we added extrapolated data/information categories to our reports, we have also added analytic add-ons such as charts, graphs, diagrams, and other quantifiable data visual aids as options to further enhance the effectiveness of PDM reports.

One of the hidden benefits of using Petro Data Miner, and a secret weapon of sorts, is that PDM is a subsidiary of Bradley Broussard Land Services (BBLS). BBLS not only has over 40 years of success and experience in land service industry, but all the personnel, resources, and skills to be a perfect solution for all of your land service needs before, during and after an acquisition. Over the aforementioned 40 years, BBLS has performed land services such as Due Diligence, Abstracting, Curative, Lease Acquisitions and more, and we continue to do so for our PDM clients upon request.

We understand the difficulties of operating in the current industry climate so we focus our time on finding oil and gas acquisition opportunities, expediently, accurately, and at an affordable price point. This is what makes PDM ideal for companies who are looking to act quickly and stay ahead of the competition by finding opportunities for unsolicited acquisition offers, re-entry opportunities, orphan well reclamation, and much more. As of May 2020, Petro Data Miner is fully operational, but we continue to add new features, expand our reach, and listen to and communicate with our clients and partners in order to make PDM even more of a powerful tool in assisting our clients. The PDM development team has more than 15 years of data solutions development and success and we intend to put it all towards meeting your needs.


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